Create an Alert for the Streams you are interested in

Once an anomaly is detected by, you want to be notified immediately about what happened and why.

While every metric is always being monitored by Cliff, you may be interested only in specific alerts. For example, if you’re in Marketing, you might not want to receive notifications about API anomalies. You can customise all this in Alerts.

Alert is created using a Rule. This Rule is a set of instructions that tell Cliff which Stream/Metrics you are interested in, and who should get the notification.

1. Go to the 'Alerts' option on your left navigation menu.

2. Choose the 'Rules' tab on the top. Click on the 'Add New' button on the top right.

3. Depending on the type of alert you want to set up, choose one of the following options -

  • Auto detection of anomalies
  • Static thresholds
  • No data alerts

4. Select the Streams for which you want to setup the alert, and also which metrics. You can also select Dimensions, but this is optional. If you enter no value here, all dimensions will be considered.

5. Now depending on what option you chose in step 3, you will see a different option.

  • In case of Auto detection - Cliff assigns an anomaly score between 1 and 100 to every anomaly (100 means the anomaly is very large). You will have to select at what score you wish to get an alert. Also if you want to track only the spikes or dips or both.
  • In case of Static threshold - Here you just have to mention the value of the threshold beyond which an alert will be created.
  • In case of No data - You might want an alert if there is no data collected for a minute, or a whole month. Once Cliff detects no data for the specified time duration, and alert will be generated.

6. Enter a name for you alert and select the people who should receive a notification for this alert.

7. Hit 'Create rule' and you're done!