The next step after connecting a Data Source is adding a Stream

Once you have connected a Data Source, you need to create a Stream.

1. When you finished creating a Data Source, you’ll see an option to create a Stream.

Or, you could go to ‘Data Streams’ in the left navigation, and click on the ‘Add new’ button on the top right.

2. Choose the Data Source where you want to add a Stream. E.g. in this image, click on the Data Source called ‘Test MongoDB’ to add a Stream there.

3. Now you have to make a choice:

  • Do you have a time series data and you wish to monitor it for unexpected behaviour. In this case you can choose the ‘Time Series’ option.
  • Or, do you have a specific task in mind related to monitoring the quality of your data. In this case you can choose one of the templates inside the ‘DQM’ option (this stands for Data Quality Monitoring).